Privacy Rights - What is more American?

Every American, no matter his standing, believes he has the sanctity to his own home and property. We don't believe anyone has the right to come onto our land or into our home without invitation or if we don't want them to be there (barring lawful reasons). Yet, there are those who believe otherwise in this country. They believe they are above the laws of the land and that your rights don't matter. They can be pretty self-righteous about it. Well, this temptation to violate privacy rights, one of the things that makes this a free country, needs to be thwarted. A great big light needs to shine on those who oppose them.

WFAA Dallas: Half-Truth Journalism – Pulitzer Prize Winning Website Razes WFAA Research

WFAA Dallas feature

Since May 2011, WFAA investigative reporting has been lauded as the white knight for Texas taxpayers by discovering that Medicaid spending on dental orthodontic care in the state had skyrocketed from 2007 to 2011, from roughly $80 million to $185 million per year.  WFAA had discovered this through comparing Texas spending to that in other states … [Read more...]

Email Privacy First in Texas

Legislation for email privacy

Gov. Rick Perry signed into law the other day House Bill 2268. The legislation prevents state and local authorities from warrantless surveillance of private emails. This makes Texas a leader in privacy in the country although it does not affect federal agencies. The current federal legislation, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986, … [Read more...]

Dog-Sniff Cases Debated as Court Weighs Privacy Rights

  Dog-Sniff Cases Debated as Court Weighs Privacy Rights USA:  Drug-sniffing police dogs have their place, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled. And it’s not on a suspect’s front porch. The court today said officers typically need a warrant before taking an animal to the door of a house in the hope of detecting narcotics. The justices ruled on … [Read more...]

Texas could lead on cellphone privacy rights

  Texas could lead on cellphone privacy rights USA:  Bills introduced in the U.S. House (HR1312) and Senate (S639) in March would require a warrant -- based on probable cause of suspected illegal activity -- for federal or state agents to track someone using their mobile device or a GPS gadget attached to their vehicle. Bills in the … [Read more...]

ACLU Says Law Enforcement Using Cellphone Tracker Violates Privacy Rights

Is your cellphone being tracked without your knowledge?

It was reported in the Washington Post a few weeks ago that police and law enforcement agencies are using a technology that allows them to "collect the serial numbers of individual cellphones and then locate them" when they are trying to track criminal suspects. But they don't always tell judges what they are doing and the technology cuts a wide … [Read more...]

Google Privacy Issues


Google this month settled claims it's Street View vehicles were picking up personal information off WiFis around the country.  The stuff they were alleged to be collecting included things like email, passwords and search histories.  All without the owner's consent.  Yup, Google paid out $7 million to the state of Texas and 37 other states and the … [Read more...]

Steven Tyler Act on Privacy

Steven Tyler

In Hawaii, particularly Maui, a number of celebrities have been championing the cause of privacy rights. The Steven Tyler Law passed the Hawaii Senate at the beginning of March. The law is named after the Aerosmith frontman because he had grown tired of being photographed by paparazzi in his home. Tyler has said, “First and foremost, being a … [Read more...]

Drones in the US and Privacy

Drones in the US

It has been quite a topic of conversation and interest lately,the coming use of unmanned drones in the US  for various civilian purposes including spying and law enforcement. While there is lots of promise for inexpensive, unmanned aircraft to tackle some very interesting and necessary tasks such as search and rescue, distant inspections of … [Read more...]

More Phone Hacking Allegations in the UK


Rupert Murdock's defunct News of the World continues to highlight how low media can go in their fanatical effort to get a "story."  Some 600 new claims of phone hacking have been made public in the UK and British detectives are now on the ball investigating them. The new incidents came to light because police obtained the phone records of a … [Read more...]

Privacy Rights and Property Rights Upheld as Dr. Richard Malouf Obtains Temporary Injunctions against blogger Candace Evans, WFAA and Byron Harris: Shamoun and Norman

Richard Malouf Dallas skyline

Dallas County Court Judge rules that dentist and his family should not be subject to intrusive and egregious behavior until matter is heard. … [Read more...]