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About Dr. Richard Malouf of Dallas, Texas

An interview with Richard Malouf, well-known dentist and entrepreneur What is your background? I was born in the Panhandle … Read more...

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Giving Back to the<br /> Community

More with Dr. Richard Malouf on helping the community Tell us some more about your mobile dental care units? If we had people, … Read more...

Dr. Richard Malouf

On Being Successful

Dr. Richard Malouf on his success To what do you attribute your success? We are very hard workers. We're very … Read more...

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Career as a Dentist

Here is a new video interview with Dr. Malouf about his career as a dentist. He shares his inspiration for becoming a dentist, … Read more...

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WFAA Dallas feature

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“WFAA Dallas: The Science of Bias” Part 1

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